Who is Bass Reeves?

He stepped out into the open, 500 yards away, and commenced shooting with his Winchester rifle… his first bullet cut a button off my coat, and [the] second cut my bridle reign in two. I shifted my six-shooter and grabbed my Winchester and shot twice. He dropped, and when I picked him up, I found that my two bullets had hit within a half-inch of each other.” ~ Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves was the first Black U.S. Deputy Marshal in all of the Western territories. He freed himself from enslavement and lived in Indian Territories learning five Native American languages and building relationships with the indigenous people there.  He was said to be honest, ethical and had the upmost respect for the law and fairness. For these qualities and his knowledge of the land he was sought out by Judge Isaac C. Parker of the U.S. Court of the Western District of Arkansas at Fort Smith. Bass Reeves was cunning and highly skilled with his pistol and rifle, bringing to justice 3,000 felons including his son for the murder of his own wife. We are continuing the heritage of Bass Reeves as lawful and proficient firearms owners being “Fearless knowing no master but duty!”

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